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A Chat with Kahnin (14.02.23)

A Chat with Kahnin (14.02.23)

Traipsing across various genres and drawing them into a genre-defying sound, Icelandic artist Kahnin is not to be pigeon-holed. We speak with this talented musician about his music video for ‘I am’, future plans, greatest achievements and more.

OSR: What drew you to music?

Kahnin: The ability to express myself and connect with others through a universal language. The power of music to evoke emotions and tell stories has always fascinated me and drawn me to this form of art.

OSR: What inspires you to create music?

Kahnin: Many things inspire me to create music, from personal experiences and emotions to social and political issues. It is difficult to explain. It just happens. Some people look at a mathematical equation no matter how difficult it is and just understand it while others have little or no ability to find an answer to the equation. That´s how it is for me regarding music. It’s naturally in my mind’s eye. I see and hear it without playing a note.

OSR: Would you be able to live in a world without music? Do you think music is essential in society and why do you think that?

Kahnin: I couldn’t imagine a world without music. Music has been an essential part of human culture and has the power to bring people together, express emotions, and transcend language and cultural barriers. I believe music is an integral part of society, and its importance should not be underestimated. Music isn´t just what we create. It’s in our environment as well. Just listen to nature when you are out hiking next time. The birds and the trees are making music. Imagine no sound. Complete silence, forever. Awful to imagine. Even the hard of hearing feel the vibrating sounds of our universe.

OSR: What inspired you to make the music video for ‘I am’?

Kahnin: For ‘I am’, the inspiration to create a music video came from the song’s message and my desire to visually convey the emotions and ideas expressed in the lyrics. I wanted to create a visual narrative that would enhance the song and give it new layers of meaning. I also wanted to try and see if I could do the entire video by myself. I thought I did a pretty good job considering that I had no experience in that field. A dystopian world is at our doorstep and I want to capture that visually.

OSR: What were the most and least exciting things about producing the music video?

Kahnin: The most exciting thing about producing the music video was seeing the song come to life visually and pretty accurately based on the song lyrics. The least exciting thing was probably my inability to understand the process of video making and the technology I was using to make it.


OSR: How would you describe your music?

Kahnin: I would describe my music as a fusion of different genres and influences, with a focus on meaningful lyrics and emotionally evocative melodies. I strive to create music that is authentic and honest, while also pushing the boundaries of what is expected in terms of style and structure. Personally, I disliked describing or having to pin myself down to one or two genres of music. If I get stuck writing the same song genre over and over, then it’s over for me as an artist.

OSR: If you could change one thing about the music video and single, what would it be?

Kahnin: A Hollywood budget would be nice 😊 I’m happy with it as is.

OSR: What do you hope people take from your music?

Kahnin: A sense of connection, inspiration, and understanding. I want my music to be a way for people to connect with each other and with themselves, to feel less alone in their experiences, and to find hope and meaning in difficult times. An escape. Feel good listening to it, whilst chopping the onions or driving their car.

OSR: If you had one day to live, what would you do with the day?

Kahnin: Spend it with my wife and two daughters, doing whatever they want to do.

OSR: What is your greatest achievement?

Kahnin: My children! And my sobriety! I wouldn´t be any good to anyone if I didn´t have my sobriety. I have been sober, for some time now and my art has bloomed with clarity. My family trusts me and I am there for them when they need me.

OSR: What are your future plans as an artist?

Kahnin: I rarely make plans regarding my music, although I am planning my departure from music since you’ve asked. I have just released my 18th singles on the 11thth of February of this year called ‘Go Kart’ and as of now, I only plan on releasing one more for a total of 19 in all. Maybe I do make plans 😊 I don´t like the music business very much. I like writing music but not everything else that comes with it.

Have a look/listen to ‘Go Kart’. It´s totally different from ‘I am’ 😊

Many thanks to Kahnin for speaking with us. For more from Kahnin, check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator