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Blindness & Light – The Ballad Of Them And Us (2023)

Originally beginning as the solo project of UK-based singer-songwriter Colin M. Potter, Blindness & Light is gradually developing into an informal collective of musicians all creating awe-inspiring music. This is not exactly my introduction to Blindness & Light having reviewed the track ‘Another Day’, but I am not the only one singing Potter’s praises. From Music For All to Sinusoidal Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Headbangers News, and Thoughts Words Actions (to name but a few), Blindness & Light are bringing light to audiences across the globe. The latest addition to his discography is ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’.

Following the single ‘The Tannhäuser Gate’, Blindness & Light adopted a more upbeat post-punk tone in ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’. I previously compared this artist to Joy Division and Radiohead, and the reminiscence remains with a strong leaning toward Joy Division. Interestingly enough, while the signature haziness of darker post-punk exists an eclectic element that makes ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’ rather unique. It is the harmonica underlying drums and guitars that insert obscurity into the melody.

What I find intriguing about ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’ is how it has a jovial slant with the harmonicas bringing an upbeat aspect to the single. Yet, while there is a toe-tapping bounce, there is a darkness lurking within the tune enhanced by a deceptive harmonica. Potter explains that ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’ is a song about “…the constant immoral behavior of self-serving politicians who have constantly hurt the most vulnerable in society…there is no way back for those who fall through the cracks in society and their only option is to make it their own with the belief that the crooks at the top will have their comeuppance…” Perhaps the harmonica is the hopefulness of the vulnerable within a grimy despair?

A collaboration with musician Henry Priestman and producer Tony Denmade, Blindness & Light takes us on a profound journey with the moving single, ‘The Ballad Of Them And Us’.

For more from Blindness & Light, check out his official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurators