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Cavern Club — The Inside Story

Cavern Club — The Inside Story

Join the Beta Brothers Lou and Bob as they conduct a fascinating interview with Debbie Greenberg and discuss her book “Cavern Club The Inside Story”. Debbie discusses when and why her dad took over the Cavern Club in 1966, seeing The Beatles over 200 times, and a “surprise” visit from Paul in 1968!

As a teenager Debbie Greenberg was spending far too much time at the Cavern Club in her home town of Liverpool. It was already the most famous music club in the world, where she had been dazzled by the Beatles’ debut performance and had witnessed their rise to stardom for two years before watching the local heroes leave home.

Then in 1966, after the previous owner declared bankruptcy, her father asked her out of the blue if she thought it would be a good idea to take over the club. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. She’d been a Cavern fanatic since it was a jazz club, hardly missing a lunchtime or evening rock session until its closure a few weeks before – amid mass protests by Liverpool youth.

Now she is suddenly part of a new family business, faced with the task of helping to breathe new life into a dilapidated rock ‘n’ roll shrine and build on the legacy of the legendary Mersey Beat.

This first-hand account of her ten years of frequenting and eventually helping to run the original Cavern Club is the authentic inside story of the Beatles launch pad, full of triumphs and failures – and surprise celebrity encounters.

Richly illustrated with dozens of photos, posters and press clips.