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‘Ghost To The Light’ – Koagula

Koagula (aka Kell Chambers) who describes himself as a nomadic singer-songwriter recently released a new album, ‘Ghost To The Light’ and I have had some moments of pure musical pleasure listening to it. The album kicks off with “Every Feather”, which has shades of the Verve or Richard Ashcroft solos. Kell’s voice has a deep yearning on this track and the music is subtle but perfect. Next, it is a delicate and sublime mostly acoustic song with the title track “Ghost To The Light”. I can imagine myself chilling in the sun with a cold beer while listening to this. It has a mid-70s Floyd vibe, particularly in the fade. Back in the days when he chose some great songs to cover, I can imagine Rod Stewart covering “Fallen Magic”. The tune is a gentle David Grayesque deep ballad. “Vanish To The Velvet” opens with a drum pattern that evokes Bowie’s “Five Years” and then takes a sublime jazz route when the other instruments kick in. Kell’s vocals here ring with soulful intent and the delicious guitar solo takes me back to early Hall and Oates. If you like songs with a sad mood, but a real feeling of hope then “Discalceate” is exactly what you need. This is a real thing of ethereal beauty. I must confess that I had to look up the meaning of discalceate, I always love learning new words. Essentially it means barefoot or shoeless. At just over six and a half minutes “Daisy Sonder” is the longest track on the album and it borders on epic. I am looking forward to seeing this played live. I can imagine a crowd in a quiet enraptured wonder as they fall in love with this breathtaking tune. The range of the vocals here is immense and come to the end you will want much more. The album was recorded at the magnificent Young Thugs Studio in York and the album closes with two large portions of acoustic tracks recorded live at the studio, “The Painter” and “Crepuscular”. The first has summer anthem stamped all over it and the second is every bit as good. You need this album in your life now, make it so!

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