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Henka – Fading Out (2023)

Described as an artist to “…give you goose bumps” (Rising Artists Blog), “…powerful and emotive” (Happy Mag), and “…an outrageous display of top tier talent and genre-blending” (We Write About Music), Henka is a force of nature. With only two singles to her name, she might be a newbie in the sonic river, but she is shining brightly with an innovative style. The newly formed solo project of Cat Pereira, Henka fuses elements of electropop and synthwave in a darker, gothic pop package.

Inspired by Halsey, Bjork and Nine Inch Nails, Henka’s music is nothing short of utterly obscure. Following her well-received debut track ‘Pedestal’, the sophomore single ‘Fading Out’ was haunting, halting and hypnotic. As with ‘Pedestal’, the new track retains Henka’s eclectic style; however, a hint of melodic metal slivers through the melody. The Nine Inch Nails influence is evident in ‘Fading Out’, but I also hear a slight sting of Halestorm slithering beneath the bold synth-driven tones.

One thing I truly adore about Henka is her unapologetic individuality. Tossing you from pillar to post with ‘Fading Out’, listeners will find themselves in a tumultuous sonic whirlpool. Slightly disconcerting and a bit uncomfortable in its distortedness, Henka ensures you feel the chaos instead of just listening to it. Interestingly enough, while ‘Fading Out’ exposes human fragility in its purest form, there is an optimistic hopefulness lurking in the shadows. Penned as an expression of “…going through the painful process of healing after heartbreak…”, the sophomore single connects with listeners in an intimate, soul-stirring way.

For more from Henka, check out her Instagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator