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How To Sell Second-Hand Fashion Online To Make Good Returns

All of us have deserted fashion items sitting in our closets waiting to relive their glory days. Unfortunately for a lot of the fashion items that we consume, we are wearing them once and then they never see the light of day again. This level of consumption opens up a valuable opportunity to sell our fashion and jewellery in a home in which it will find use again. Selling fashion online is not however as easy as it might seem, and there are many ways things can go wrong.

Selling your clothes online is a great way to make a bit extra cash, even if you do not sell the items of the original river you bought them for. If you are looking for the best tips for selling your fashion items fast and without hassle, consider implementing the following tips:

Consider Its Quality

Before you list your fashion items for sale, you need to consider the quality they are in. Price and quality are everything when it comes to second-hand fashion and they both play a big part when it comes to selling items effectively. For example, if you have a buttoned jacket that is missing some buttons, you would likely need to take a lot of the value off the jacket due to the required tailoring and fixing. You might consider repairing items yourself to add value back onto damaged goods, but many people can cheaply fix clothes themselves so it might be worth just selling items as they are.

Compare Similar Prices

Once more, before you decide on the price of your items you need to consider what other people are listing similar items for. For example, if you are selling Edwardian rings, you need to find similar rings that have the same cuts and colorways. This would give a better idea as to what you can sell fashion items for.

Set A Higher Initial Price

Once you have your price confirmed, you need to consider listing the item for 10% higher than you intend to sell it for. You have to keep in mind that people who want your item will also look at other vintage jewellery items for example to see what the going rate is for similar items. If they see your item is the best quality and cut, they will try to get the price down regardless. Giving them the idea that they are getting a discount makes them more likely to buy the item.

Negotiate Well

If you want to successfully sell your items you need to have the ability to negotiate well with your buyers and customers. Whilst many of them will ask for a discount regardless of how good the price is, you shouldn’t sell yourself short if people are asking for huge discounts. Spend some time nurturing the relationship, and giving qualified customers the option to buy for negotiated prices set by you and them. Agreeing is key.

Final Thoughts

Overall, selling your fashion items online is a great way to have extra money each month. This is also a great contribution towards sustainable fashion if you are looking to be more fashion-conscious and purchase new items second-hand as well.