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“I Wish A Bitch Would” – Delilah Bon

Delilah Bon is back (not that she ever went away) with a new single, “I Wish A Bitch Would”. This is another track that directs Delilah’s anger at misogynists and those who see harming women as ok. This one is perhaps even more political than “Dead Men Don’t Rape”, particularly lyrics like “don’t trust no man, don’t trust the police“. Sadly the man that this is directed at is unlikely to change, but the way Delilah spits out these words clarifies again that she has the backs of all those who love what she does, especially the women and LGBTQ fans, even more those who have suffered and still suffering in abusive relationships. Delilah Bon uses her voice and position so well and so eloquently, it should at least embarrass or even scare those in power, although it will probably do neither. That is the nature of the twisted world we live in. The track has some supremely bassy beats and an eerie synth hook and she spits lyrics with passion, and justified anger. Every sound on this track is performed by Delilah and she also produced it. This single and “Dead Men Don’t Rape” have given me huge excitement and expectation for the next Delilah Bon album. Good people of the world, Delilah Bon has your back, make sure you check her out if you haven’t already. Delilah’s Mum pointed out that “I Wish A Bitch Would” was released on the day that UK authorities confirmed that Gary Glitter had been released after serving just 8 years of a 16-year sentence for molesting young girls. He has a history of abusing young girls and for me, I concur with a line from “I Wish A Bitch Would” in respect of how Glitter should be treated,”rip every single limb off of this child molester“. But even if we didn’t take it to that level, it should never be released. But this just proves the dark sickness that still exists in our world.

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