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Lark – I’m With You (2023)

Lark – I’m With You (2023)

Raised on a steady stream of vintage Madonna, ABBA and KISS, singer-songwriter Lark is fierce, fiery and full of poptastic passion. While her presence on streaming sites dates back to 2021 (at least, according to Spotify), the Australian artist has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Known for her strong stage presence, Lark brings confidence to audiences when performing live and has gigged internationally. Along with her shows, Lark also writes music for television and film and is currently sharing a series of mentoring videos to help up-and-coming musicians. We’re taking a gander at her solo project, so come with us and tap into her musical genius.

Following her well-received track ‘Unicorn’, ‘I’m With You’ steers us toward an electropop sound with hard-hitting dance vibes flowing through the pop insanity. As with ‘Unicorn’, a hint of Miley Cyrus can be heard in ‘I’m With You’. Her powerful vocals pull listeners close in a warm embrace; however, there is a fierce brashness surrounding the comfortable hug bringing attitude around affection.

Just as the electronic-driven melody takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, it has a persistent feeling of pure, unadultated joy. Hazy and smooth but with a rush of sound seeping into your skin, it is difficult not to be swallowed by Lark and ‘I’m With You’. What I mean is, the song drags you under in its awesomeness. One aspect I find particularly interesting is how the mellifluous sound gives you a sense of power to stand stronger than before.

The melody definitely touches on empowerment; however, the honest lyrics make this push of defiance undeniable. Lark sings about being an “echo in the silence/a superhero out for justice, you know you got it all…” The epitome of female ferocity, strength and the “bad-ass independent woman” attitude, ‘I’m With You’ is soul-stirring in the most charming way.

For more from Lark, check out its official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator