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Library features two local photographers

The Strathmore Municipal Library is featuring local photographers Larry McTaggart and Terry Brunson in its gallery for over the course of February.

Assistant Director of Library Services, Carmen Erison, said the pair are new to featuring at the library and are avid hobbyists within the local community.

“They are both avid photographers and what you are going to see this time is a beautiful collection of photography from all around the world, as well as some local pieces from right here in Strathmore,” she said. “They are vibrant and beautiful and just a really great collection for the gallery this month. I would say that if you are a big fan of sceneries and just want something really beautiful for your wall, this would be a great place to go.”

Via his bio shared with the library, McTaggart explained his interest in photography began in Cold Lake, where he was stationed as part of the Canadian Armed Forces.

“I made friends with a guy who was a ‘photo technician,’ on the basis,” he said. “With his help, he saved me hours of wondering what I did wrong with my pictures.”

Following his retirement in 1982, McTaggart took a step back from photography. He said he didn’t pick up the hobby again until 2008, when he found an old Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera at a pawn shop.

McTaggart sells his images at the Vault Cultural Collective, in addition to now being a featured artist within the library.

Bunston explained his love of photography started with a camera bought for him by his father. His hobby was allowed to expand upon reaching an age where he was able to afford to purchase and process films before eventually migrating to the digital format as the technology became available.

Erison explained the pair approached her in the fall of 2022 to ask if they could display at the library together, as they make a habit of enjoying their hobby together.

The library’s gallery consists of 40 pieces this month, split between McTaggart and Bunston’s works.

“This is a very large gallery … it is a wide range from photography of flowers, animals and butterflies, to beautiful scenes of waterfalls to the ocean,” said Erison.

McTaggart’s and Brunson’s work will be on display and for sale at the library’s gallery until Feb. 28. Any purchase of their photos will also go towards supporting the library itself.

The library is still seeking a few artists to display their works in the later half of 2023. The team is also seeking an Indigenous artist to showcase their work in September.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times