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Skyler Samuels Talks About Taking Over Aurora Teagarden Role For New Prequel Movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | Aurora Teagarden, Hallmark Channel, Skyler

Skyler Samuels is just days away from fan meeting her version of Aurora Teagarden.

The 29-year-old actress will make her debut in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something Newpremiering on Friday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Skyler will play a younger version of the character, which was brought to life by Candace Cameron Bure in over 15 movies on the network.

In a new interview, Skyler opened up about the part and how she made it her own for the new movie.

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In a conversation with MediaVillage, Skyler says she was lucky that there were 18 movies that she could look back on as worked on the new film.

“The opportunity of getting to kind of reinvent and reimagine this beloved character in her earlier years was really fun, and a new creative challenge I haven’t gotten to do before. It was an exciting job to take on and it’s been a joy,” she shared.

Skyler went on, saying that watching “some of the original Aurora movies and kind of honing what I thought were her character staples. I was sort of thinking, ‘Okay, what are these little building blocks that are central to the character?’”

“You don’t want to do an imitation, but you also don’t want to bring in someone who is nothing like the person you’re meant to be playing. Just little quirks, or tendencies, and things like a certain way she might talk or move, or some of the dynamics in her relationships,” she says. “I sort of cherry-picked a few of the things that felt most essential to her, and then the fun was kind of reverse engineering that into what a younger version of her might be.”

while Skyler turned to the previous movies for references, she also tried to make her own character as well.”

“[What’s] nice about working backwards is that when Aurora is introduced in the original movies, she’s a little more polished and together,” she explains. “She’s good at solving crimes and you meet her when she’s in her stride. I thought it would be fun if she’s just not good at this — like at all! [Then] to see how she figured out that superpower. I do think of her as a superhero, but what’s Aurora’s origin story like? What was the thing that launched her into becoming insatiably obsessed with murder, mystery and solving these crimes? She kind of had to figure that out as she went.”

“It’s been really fun to go back in time and see her stumble into her superpower. It’s not always seamless, and it’s certainly not always polished, but it’s really fun.”

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New will premiere Friday, June 9 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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