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Solar ParaAchute – Brother Mirror (2023)

Solar ParaAchute – Brother Mirror (2023)

Most well-known as a co-founder of the band Balinger, French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gaet Allard already has his finger in the music scene. Now, as he adopted the solo project Solar Parachute, the London-based musician is becoming one of the “most exciting modern rock drummers in the UK scene today.” From a touring session musician to a smaller solo artist, Allard is an alternative rock force of nature. While this is my introduction to Allard, he has already turned heads across the globe with features on RGM, It’s All Indie, Pete’s Rock News and Views, and many more.

Taken from his most recent EP Among The Clouds, ‘Brother Mirror’ is a swirl of hard rock sounds in which you can easily get lost. Hitting you in the gut from the first second, the single brought a hard rock force in ‘Brother Mirror’. Pounding drums meet bold guitars enforcing a heaviness in the single. Yet, while this powerful matching is pure hard rock, the incorporated synths (at least I think they’re synths) incorporate a lighter, friendlier and uplifting slice in the arrangement.

One of the most recent releases in 2023, ‘Brother Mirror’ and his EP Among The Clouds is a re-emergence of Allard after three years of streaming absence. Among The Clouds follows his 2020 ‘Ghost In My Cupboard’ and demonstrates an evolution in Solar ParaAchute. While ‘Ghost In My Cupboard’ is more distorted and obscure with an almost uncomfortable punk infusion, ‘Brother Mirror’ is smooth in its hard rock boldness. Well, as smooth as a rock song can be. Tinges of melodic metal spurt into ‘Brother Mirror’ enhancing the brutality of the song; however, as hard and heavy as it may be, it is a song of empowerment. Fist-pumping with a head-turning tone, you might consider this a harsh song, but the theme inspires smiles and heart-thumping joviality.

“’Brother Mirror’ is a rock song that tells the story of two strangers who are similar on the inside, despite their physical differences. The two spacecrafts meet in the cosmos but instead of engaging in a cosmic war, the protagonists decide to settle their differences through a dance battle…the dance battle is a celebration of communication and open-mindedness…the lyrics encourage self-acceptance and acceptance of others with a celebration of friendship and camaraderie…” – Solar Para Achute on ‘Brother Mirror’

For more from Solar ParaAchute, check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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