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Sven Ross – a world we believe in (2023)

Sven Ross – a world we believe in (2023)

Lying somewhere between Ed Sheeran and John Legend with the vulnerability of Jeff Buckley, Dutch singer-songwriter Sven Ross effortlessly captures souls with his heartfelt music. Described as “reflective…” (Couch Mag), “…a wonderful songwriter…” (York Calling), and a “…prodigy [who] juggles words wonderfully…” (Indie Music Center), Ross is turning heads on an international scale. This is my introduction to Sven Ross, so I was not sure what to expect – I have to say any expectations have been exceeded with his elegant melodies. The latest addition to Ross’ well-received discography is the single ‘a world we believe in’.

A piano-driven track, ‘A world we believe in’ has a stark feel to the pop ballad; however, Ross proves he is more than a one-trick pony in the single. Opening with soft, soothing tones that meld with a tender vulnerability, the arrangement screams intimacy. Ross’ rich vocals tap on our ears in a heart-breaking way, while the piano and strings lay bare his soul. It seems perfect for a song touching on the sinister influence of internalized capitalism making us question self-worth and achievement; but, then Ross really lets lose in a rock way. Approximately three minutes through ‘a world we believe in’ when Ross has you near tears with his stirring fragility, he draws on his inner James Bay with a blast of guitars, drums and rich vocals.

Penned as part of his upcoming EP now that i’m with you, ‘a world we believe in’ can seem out of place in the romance-focused album. The thing is this single touches on how we can change as individuals by merely being with our partner. Ross explains that “…my girlfriend has made me more aware of the role society plays in our thought patterns. I’ve started to realize they’re not always in our best interests. We don’t always have to listen. ‘a world we believe in’ is about trying to find a balance and build a safe space together without totally isolating ourselves from society.”

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This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator