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The Bruce Gray Music Hall of Fame needs a new home

Members of the Hepworth-Shallow Lake Legion have voted not to include the music memorabilia in their rebuilding plans.

The Royal Canadian Legion in Hepworth burned to the ground, in January of 2022. After settling with their insurance company last month, legion members have decided to rebuild a smaller legion, than the one that burned down.

That means, there simply won’t be room for the Bruce Gray Music Hall of Fame in the new building, say legion executives.

“We are looking for a legion that is more in tune with both the short and long term goals of today’s Legion. The original building which was designed to be a large venue, music hall, was over 13,500 square feet. A huge building in comparison to the needs of the Legion. We are definitely looking at a much smaller building, less than half the original size, moving forward,” said the Legion Building Committee, Chair, Jim Copp.

The Hepworth-Shallow Lake Legion hope to begin construction on their new building, later this year.