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The Pearl Harts – More (2022)

The Pearl Harts – More (2022)

The Pearl Harts rock duo are no novices as they have been around for about a decade now. Their high-octane rock attitude and some boot-kicking live shows attracted the attention the duo deserved and their music was heard in hit shows such as the BBC’s Peaky Blinders. The Pearl Harts have also received radio plays across the likes of BBC 6 Music, Radio X, Scuzz TV, and Kerrang! Yet, they seem to have been a bit quiet during these pandemic years as their last release was their 2019 EP Suck It Up. Now The Pearl Harts are back announcing their latest album with a new single that bears the title it deserves, ‘More’. It is exactly what the now-growing duo fanbase would expect of them, some strutting vocals with jagged guitars and pop-tinted grooves that bubble under the surface.

The girls explain: “’More’ is a sassy, ​​sexy, post-ironic stab at the consuming world that we live in. One can be encouraged to ‘have more’, ‘do more’, ‘expect more’, and ‘be more’. The amount of ‘more’ is overwhelming — it’s like a never-ending hamster wheel. Where does it end? Where is the satisfaction? Interestingly, the point we observe is that the people who have the most always feel like they are entitled to more. Whereas those who generally feel like they need more are told they are too much.”

The single is, in a way, a true announcement of what can be expected from their upcoming album Love and Chaos. The group explains that “as women in rock ‘n’ roll, we have had to fight and unpick a load of history and patterns to accept ourselves as we are today. Shake off the ‘good girls’ we have been brought up to be, not to become ‘bad’ but to become our real, true, authentic selves. We are starting a new conscious pattern of how we want to play rock ‘n’ roll our way. We don’t just have to be hard, tough women. We can be sensitive ones too.”

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