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Valeria Pozzo – Cape St Vincent (2023)

Valeria Pozzo – Cape St Vincent (2023)

While singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Valeria Pozzo has only two singles under her belt (according to Spotify), she is already an established musician with an impressive background. Pozzo’s musical journey began as a child singing and playing the violin. As a teenager, she studied violin at the B Marcello Conservatory in Venice, while simultaneously joining the contemporary choir VGE Vocal Project. This inspiring combination of gospel and classical music led to Italian Pozzo performing on different national TV shows.

From there a ton of other stuff happened with Pozzo traveling to London, gaining experience in diverse genres, and working with artists like Eska, Sam Ryder and Rhys Lewis. She has also performed at notable festivals like the Royal Albert Hall, covered George Harrison’s iconic ‘Here Comes The Sun’ at Abbey Road Studio…oh, there’s so much more but not enough paragraph space.

Following her self-released debut single ‘My Heart’ in 2020, Pozzo took advantage of the lockdown to create her upcoming EP, Circles – the single ‘Cape St Vincent’ is taken from this record. Embracing her natural talent for storytelling, ‘Cape St Vincent’ touches on the human need for belonging. Pozzo’s music tends to explore the complexity of vulnerability, fragility and an “existential quest for connection, acceptance and belonging”. Regarding the new single, Pozzo explains: “The calm, magical atmosphere in Cape St Vincent, a place I have never traveled to before, made me realize that home is a feeling rather than a physical space…”

To capture the evocative nature of ‘Cape St Vincent’, Valeria Pozzo teamed up with drummer Yusuf Ahmed to create the song. As with the preceding ‘My Heart’, a strong folk vibe exists in ‘Cape St Vincent’. The acoustic style brings a barebones, stripped-back feeling to intoxicate listeners in its simplicity. Interestingly enough, while the track seems simplistic, it has a kaleidoscopic essence as Pozzo paints a masterpiece with a sonic palette.

Serene, soft and gentle, the natural beauty of music is reflected in the restful arrangement. Warm piano, tender guitar, and heartfelt strings, particularly the violin, find a balance between pop and folk. The intimacy of Jeff Buckley’s vocals melds with the intensity of Joni Mitchell’s poetic lyricism in Pozzo’s ‘Cape St Vincent’.

For more from Valeria Pozzo, check out her official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator