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Venice Heath – Keep On Thinking (2023)

Venice Heath – Keep On Thinking (2023)

If Foals and Tame Impala were to have a child, it is likely that Venice Heath would be that kid. With a reputation for “funky grooves, synths and guitar riffs…”, the UK-based musician brings a sliver of old-school indie-pop to its modern-day flavour. This is my introduction to Venice Heath, but he is already stunning audiences across the globe with coverage from Backstreet Mafia, Music For All, It’s All Indie, and iHeart Radio to name a few. The latest addition to the Venice Heath discography is the single ‘Keep On Thinking’.

In an interview with Backstreet Mafia, Venice Heath noted the project began “while I was spending the lockdown in a house share in North London…I took the lockdown as an opportunity to review my approach to writing and producing music…after a couple of years, I’m now finally releasing music and taking the stage with a four-piece band.” Recorded at 123 Studios with producer Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence & The Machine), ‘Keep On Thinking’ brings the live band feeling to the studio-recorded melody.

A combination of synths, drums and guitar creates a melodic sonic river in which you can lose yourself. Yet, while you find yourself swimming in a sonic swirl, Venice Heath’s soothing vocals act as an anchor in the charming music. What I find intriguing is how ‘Keep On Thinking’ has sophistication and elegance but also a raw edginess.

While the melody can hold its own, it is the lyrics of ‘Keep On Thinking’ that add intimacy to the song. In the same interview with Backstreet Mafia, Venice Heath explains that ‘Keep On Thinking’ “transports me back to my teenage years and to a stage of careless bliss when I was surrounded by people close to my heart and the nights were simply not long enough…”

Taken from the upcoming debut EP, SummernightVenice Heath sets a sincere, sentimental and tender stance with ‘Keep On Thinking’.

For more from Venice Heath, check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator