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Louis and the Shakes – sorry. x (2023)

From their debut EP Late Night Stereo in 2019 to their 2022 single ‘TIME HAS COME’, UK group Louis and the Shakes have been entertaining audiences with their energetic, enthusiastic sound. Yet, in the most recent single of their repertoire, the lads adopt a darker, more sinister and intimate approach. Drawing together the natural talents of Louis Antoniou (lead vocals), Jamie Lawson (lead guitar), Will Finnerty (bass) and Manny O’Donnell (drums), Louis and the Shakes are turning heads across the globe. Featured on notable publications like Lost In The Manor, Rock Era Magazine, Rising Artists Blog, Gigslutz and Mystic Sons, Louis and the Shakes are building a strong following and they will turn these heads even further with their latest single ‘sorry.x’.

An evolution in their sound, Louis and the Shakes bring a grittier, grungier and harder tone to ‘sorry.x’. Unlike ‘TIME HAS COME’ and ‘TRAILBLAZR’, the new song draws the best of grunge, alternative rock and slight tinges of hard rock/metal together. The band might not have been considered “light listening” previously, but ‘sorry. x’ takes them a step further into the dark zone of rock.

A combination of pounding drums and powerful guitars builds a melody of hard-hitting rock with a sliver of grunge slithering throughout. Slather tunes with Antoniou’s bold vocals and you have a song that tosses you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound. Interestingly enough, while there is a forceful stroke of hard rock in ‘sorry. x’, it retains a sense of vulnerability and raw intimacy in the track. Singing about “anxieties, being skint and saying things you’ll regret…”, Louis and the Shakes connect with audiences in a deeper, meaningful way showing they can hit you in the face with music but embrace you with a warm hug at the same time.

On their Spotify, Louis and the Shakes say that “everything that glitters isn’t gold”, but I have to disagree. ‘sorry. x’ may not have that bright, shiny pop glitter yet it glimmers in its rock glory. Louis and the Shakes prove this thing that glitters is definitely gold.

For more from Louis and The Shakes, check out their official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator