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A Cappella Music Project Utagoe wa Mille-Feuille Gets Anime – News

Story of 6 high school girls coming of age through a cappella music

“UtaMilu Event Vol. 1 ~happy to sing~,” the first in-person event of the music project Utagoe wa Mille-Feuille (A Singing Voice Is a Mille-Feuille Pastry), announced on

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Arazzo Music Festival weaves together classical performers with community

Samuel DeCaprio wanted to give back to the community — the eastern Connecticut community where he grew up and first gained an interest in music, the classical music communities he’s thrived in as a student, teacher and performer, and the

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DMA’S – Acoustic Album Launch Show – The Crescent, York – Sunday 4th June 2023

This was not a standard DMA’S show, the boys are used to playing much bigger venues these days. Their biggest headline show to date was the Alexandra Palace in London for 10,000 fans back in October 2021. This was essentially

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These are the inductees of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

The 2023 Canadian Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on Thursday at Studio Bell in Calgary, highlighting four starkly different musical acts with storied Canadian careers during the event.

CBC Music hosted and mezzo-soprano Julia Nesrallah was the

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Everything After Midnight – Micklegate Social, York – Friday 5th May 2023

This was the first time I had been to a gig at the Micklegate Social in York since before Covid and it is still a wonderfully intimate basement venue. It is almost perfect for smaller shows, but I really hope

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Celine Dion makes a musical comeback with the new song Love Again

Celine Dion is making her musical comeback timed with her acting debut in a new romantic comedy.

The Québec chanteuse released Love Again on Thursday, the title track from an upcoming film where she plays a supporting role. The gentle

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‘Ghost To The Light’ – Koagula

Koagula (aka Kell Chambers) who describes himself as a nomadic singer-songwriter recently released a new album, ‘Ghost To The Light’ and I have had some moments of pure musical pleasure listening to it. The album kicks off with “Every Feather”,

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The pilot project helps Nova Scotia musicians access mental health care

Musician Hayley Ryerson was working on a cruise ship in 2019 where part of the compensation arrangement involved a weekly visit to the ship’s captain to get $200 in cash for travel expenses.

It was on these visits to the

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Spring Arts Preview 2023: Music critics’ picks

This past week Vancouver looked more like an Arctic winter wonderland than one of the most famously mild and temperate cities in Canada. There were upsides—because of the swaths of 1984’s Amadeus take place in snowy Salzburg, there’s something oddly

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Erotic Secrets Of Pompeii – Fulford Arms, York – Thursday 9th March 2023

This was another show from the Northern Radar stalwart Simon Pattinson, he has never let me down with any of the lineups he has created so far. Would this gig be the first letdown? Read on to find out good

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