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Sean Kennedy – Memory (2023)

Embracing his passion for music at a young age, singer-songwriter Sean Kennedy was writing songs at the age of 10 and since then he has not stopped. While only a freshman in college, Kennedy’s shoebox is filled with songs written pre- and post-pubescence. In fact, his latest release is the ninth single from the US-based musician. This is my introduction to Kennedy but he has turned heads across the globe receiving coverage from notable press likes Illustrate Magazine, Rock Era Magazineand TJPL News. Come with us as we take a listen to the latest addition to his discography, ‘Memory’.

Taken off his upcoming full-length album, Forever Us, ‘Memory’ is Kennedy’s first single in two years. following the album, What’s Left To Understand, ‘Memory’ retains Kennedy’s pop style; however, the burst of rock-inspired guitars and drums brought a harder lilt to the track. Tossing you into a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool, there is a breath-taking quality to ‘Memory’ spinning you about at a break-neck speed before sending your soul soaring. Interestingly enough, while the song has a jovial, toe-tapping nature, the lyrics are more provocative oozing an intimate vulnerability.

Touching on the issue of change in life and relationships, Kennedy aims to connect with listeners in ‘Memory’. He explains that the song “is written from a first-person perspective where I ask my partner to focus on the positives of our relationship, even if it doesn’t last…I love this song because it’s so simple. When I was heading to college, I thought a lot about how my relationships would change. This song is about just wanting to hold on to the good times in my life.”

Sincere, sentimental and filled with raw honesty, Sean Kennedy sends shivers down my spine with his tender single ‘Memory’.

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This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator