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Researchers have produced, stored, and retrieved quantum information for the primary time, a important step in quantum … In an method they call ‘nanostitching,’ engineers used carbon nanotubes to prevent cracking in multilayered composites. The advance may result in next-generation airplanes and …

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Thanks to the AI increase the primary focus is now shifting from feats of bodily dexterity achieved by expensive robots to building “general-purpose robotic brains” within the form of neural networks. Instead of the standard painstaking planning and training, roboticists have started using deep studying and neural networks to create methods that learn from their surroundings on the go and regulate their behavior accordingly. In our most recent cowl story for the MIT Technology Review print journal, I looked at how robotics as a area is at an inflection point.You can read more right here. A really exciting mixture of issues are converging in robotics research, which may usher in robots that might—just might—make it out of the lab and into our homes.