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A Cappella Music Project Utagoe wa Mille-Feuille Gets Anime – News

Story of 6 high school girls coming of age through a cappella music

“UtaMilu Event Vol. 1 ~happy to sing~,” the first in-person event of the music project Utagoe wa Mille-Feuille (A Singing Voice Is a Mille-Feuille Pastry), announced on Saturday that the project is spawning an anime adaptation.


The project launched in April 2022 with the theme of “a cappella.” “high school girls,” and “complex.” The story of six high school girls coming of age through a cappella music has already spawned voice drama stories, music videos (in which the characters’ voice actresses themselves try their hand at a cappella) and documentary videos featuring their lessons.

The project stars:

  • Ayase Mirai as Uta Kamaki, lead vocals
  • Yūko Natsuyoshi as Musubu Mayumori, first chorus
  • Kanoko Sudō as Airi Kojō, second chorus
  • Misato Matsuoka as Rei “Reirei” Konoe, third chorus
  • Miharu Hanai as Urū “Ururu” Miyazaki, voice percussion
  • Haruka Aikawa as Yako “Kuma-chan” Kumai, bass

Pony Canyon and THE ORAL CIGARETTES rock band members Takuya Yamanaka (Scarlet Nexus, Noragami Aragoto) created the original concept, and Yamanaka is also writing the scripts. Che-Rico designed the characters. Pony Canyon is producing the music.

Source: Comic Natalie