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How To Overcome Your Fear In The Handmade Business World? | Craft Maker Pro

Are you afraid to start a business? No longer have interest in continuing your business? Are you shy in participating in craft shows? Or maybe you are scared to try something new for your business?

How To Overcome Your Fear In The Handmade Business WorldPeople would rather have babies than start a business, if you noticed. There are more people pumping out babies than businesses (there’s nothing wrong with that!).

And then they tell you having a business is “scary”. It’s risky. Well, like having babies, it’s not that hard if you get the right guidance and invest in the right things.

Having babies is raising a human being, another entity that you need to control, take care of, inspire, and FOREVER be responsible for.

That’s pretty scary. But people do it anyway. why? Because they believe the rewards outweigh the costs and they get over their fears that way.

They dream of love, of joy, of the sense of achievement and “completeness” a baby could bring. Their decision then, is bigger than their fear.

Imagine – moms go through the crazy hormonal changes, risk for postpartum depression, sacrifice sleep/ careers/ social lives, risk their own health, save and spend for it, etc. #respect

If MILLIONS of women can decide to be mothers despite the sacrifices, it shows that fear and hard work are nothing if you are driven with a HUGE MISSION.

That thing you’re scared of but you know it’s a good shot towards your success, do it. The fear will always be there! It is part of the process.

But you can get over it and make it a small part of the thing, and overwhelm yourself with
your purpose and your ideal life.

You want success? You have a duty towards your own success. Whatever scares you is part of that duty.

Of course you gotta calculate your risks, but remember this—it’s okay to OWN YOUR FEARS. Everyone has their own set of fears.

Check this video by Dan Lok to see how you can overcome your fears:

So whether it’s to start a business, move to another country, propose to the woman you absolutely adore, get LASIK, go back to school….

Embrace your fears, do your best, and get off the fence! The grass is always greener where you water.

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