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Kate Ellis – Other Side Of The Street (2023)

Kate Ellis – Other Side Of The Street (2023)

Described as “…genuine talent…” (Americana UK), “brilliant…” (BBC Radio Merseyside), and able to “resonate with people looking for meaning and depth to their music” (Lyric Magazine), singer-songwriter Kate Ellis effortlessly stands out in a crowd with her sublime sound. Influenced by his father who once played guitar with Hank Williams, Ellis has strong country-folk roots that ooze through his intriguing music. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Other Side Of The Street’.

Already turning our heads with her music, the team at The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!) have a glittering opinion of Kate Ellis – so this review might be a bit biased. Then again, we always speak the truth about all of the submissions we receive; trust me on that. Following her critically acclaimed album spirals, Ellis adopts a soft, smooth tone in ‘Other Side Of The Street’. Her charming vocals seep into your soul as she sends you swirling about in a kaleidoscopic sonic cloud. Flowing and heartfelt, this new song has a toe-tapping vibe about it and is perfect as a song to pick you up at the end of the day.

Not hyped-up or overly energetic, Kate Ellis soothes listeners with her distinctive country meets pop sound in ‘Other Side Of The Street’. Yet, while the melodic arrangement can hold its own as an elegant piece of music, it is the lyricism that pushes the depth of the track. Penned by her friend Tom Hackwood, the new single harmonically combines sentiments of heartache and loss with a smile-inducing, jovial ballad. Ellis’ vocals expertly express vulnerability while simultaneously making you feel everything is perfectly alright.

“We loved the tune and although Tom wrote it as an introspective indie ballad, we thought it would work really well as an upbeat country pop song. I’ve always enjoyed the way Abba combined jubilant and catchy melodies with lyrics about heartbreak and loss, and I like how our treatment of this song tries to do the same thing.” – Kate Ellis on ‘Other Side Of The Street’

In addition to the single, Kate Ellis released an official music video for ‘Other Side Of The Street’. You can view the video below or via her YouTube channel.

For more from Kate Ellis, check out her official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

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