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Mayhem Singles Round Up Part 5 2023

Here comes the fifth Mayhem Singles Round-Up for 2023, it includes eleven songs that have been passed on to me or recommended during the previous few weeks and months, there are some really brilliant tracks. It features four acts that have appeared on Mayhem’s pages before. Three of those bands are from Yorkshire, and I think one of the artists new to Mayhem is too. Let me know what you think of this great collection of tunes! You will find a YouTube link to each song in the title (or a link to the audio of the track) and a link to the artist’s website or one of their social media pages when you click the artist’s name. You can also find the link to a Spotify playlist of all these songs by clicking here.

“Endings” – Apollo Junction

Perhaps their rockiest track to date and it makes me even more excited for the new album. Harmonies and hooks made in heaven and a chorus that hangs out in your head for ages.

“MOWO” – Pennine Suite

Who would have guessed that such a stunning band would arise from the ashes of the Receivers, but Pennine Suite has released an absolute classic of a tune with “MOWO” I can’t wait to hear this at a gig. It has screaming guitars, magnificent vocals, and wonderfully weird keys at the intro and outro. I bloody love this song!

“Closer” – Babylon

Like a sublime club version of the Cocteau Twins, chilled and danceable at the same time.

“Mystic Pizza” – Sheratons

A large portion of dirty, scuzzy garage rock from the Sheratons. Possibly their best single so far and there have been some classics!

“Breathe Easy” – Janita Larue

This is a song that I discovered by a great alignment of chance, my wife was out walking our dog Ziggy along the River Foss close to where we live in York and came across Janita filming a music video, for this very song! It is a fabulous slice of modern R&B with magnificent pop sensibilities and a touch from early Joan Armatrading. I know absolutely nothing about Janita, other than she is a great singer and this is a fabulous tune!

“Little By Little” – As December Falls

This lot aren’t big on writing bios for their socials, this is probably fantastic because they focus more on creating dark pop-rock songs with an old-school emo vein just like this.

“A Door That Disappears” – Endless Forms

I love the semi-chilled percussion on this track from the rather wonderful Endless Forms, it reminded me of prime-time Flaming Lips.

“Light In an Empty Room” – Monad

Monad is Tel Aviv musician Eshchar Nachmany and with this track, he has unleashed a rock-tinged slab of almost manic EDM. I bloody love this, especially the gorgeous orchestral overtones.

“Goodbye Song” – Erin K

This is a jaunty, poppy, and yet dark break-up song, following hot on the heels of the rather fantastic “Keep Her”. One listen and I was hooked, after the second listen I was addicted! Erin’s album is out later this month and I reckon it will be bloody good!

“The Way Out Is Through The Door” – Fred Abbott and The Wild Unknown (feat. Steve Llewellyn)

Fred is the former guitarist/keyboard player from Noah and the Whale and with this tune, he shows he has a knack for producing great music. It has a sad, lament style, a 70s US West Coast vibe, and is simply a stunningly good rock ballad.

“Rolf Harris And The Sexy Kids” – Kunt and the Gang

I am quite a fan of Kunt and the Gang and all their associated outlets; the Kunts, Crown Jewels, and others. Now that Aussie Paedo Rolf Harris is dead, why not celebrate with this wonderfully irreverent little ditty from Kunt and the Gang. If you are easily offended perhaps don’t play it. If you are a Rolf Harris fan, can I simply ask what the fuck are you doing here?

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