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The Hu Asbury Park Concert

The Hu Asbury Park Concert

The Hu Experience of New Jersey

Matthew Sorrentino

On September 16, 2021, The HU came to Asbury Park, New Jersey as part of their North American Tour. The HU is a Mongolian folk metal band from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and consists of 4 members: Gala, the lead singer, Jaya plays the tumur hhuur, a kind of mouth harp as well as a tsurr, a kind of flute. The third member is known as Enkush who usually plays the morin khuur alongside Gala. The morin khuur also known as the horse head fiddle is a musical instrument that is played with a bow similar to a cello. The final member of the group goes by the name Temka, he plays an instrument known as the Tovshuur. The Tovshuur is a two to three stringed lute.
What makes the band stand out from the others is that they combine traditional Mongolian music including throat singing with modern day rock and metal to create a sound that brings two cultures together. The band originally toured North America back in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and at that time, The HU were already taking the rock and metal community by storm. The HU even received the Order of Genghis Khan for promoting Mongolian culture around the world in 2019, the award being the highest state award for Mongolia. Despite the popularity of the band, The Stone Pony managed to be able to contain the concert inside as at the time, Summer Stage, Asbury Park’s venue for summertime concerts had already come to an end.

I had gone to see this group because I had heard of their music before and became an incredible fan of them and the band did not disappoint at all, they sounded as amazing in live performance as they did during studio recordings. The performance was enough to leave one entranced by the skill of the group, despite having only formed in 2016 and managing to achieve phenomenal success in 2018. Their song “Wolf Totem” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales on April 11, 2019. The significance of this is that this made The Hu, the first Mongolian musical act to top a Billboard chart which is a great cultural music accompanying.

I have spoke with individuals who live in Asbury Park and a few music shop owners and they even stated that The HU has potential to become one of the greatest musical acts in terms of modern rock and metal and help pave the pathway for musical acts from nations in the East Asian region.