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Letter: Design firm for the Saskatoon arena district a needless expense

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So our money-squandering city councillors have gone and hired, at an undisclosed cost, an engineering and design firm, Stantec, to plan the environments of the proposed downtown arena/entertainment center. (SP, Feb. 15)

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Are they mad? Do they alone do not realize that we cannot afford, and do not need, a palatial new arena? And now a company to plan the arena’s environments even before it’s been officially green-lighted? With what price tags?

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Are our councillors mindful that the city’s debt has already been projected to peak at $439 million by 2025? That a new landfill, for example, is estimated to exceed $100 million?

That costs of the two recently completed traffic bridges stand at a staggering $497 million, if you include the construction ($252 million) along with operation and maintenance for 30 years?

That the cost of both the new police station and new library comes in around $256 million? And who knows what the cost will be for the new, city-wide green garbage bins? (SP, Feb. 14)