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The Northern Lights – As Stars Burn (2023)

The Northern Lights – As Stars Burn (2023)

Described by Dan’s Tunes as taking a “…trip through introspection”, US-based indie-rock band The Northern Light use their unique music as a catharsis and mode of reflection. It’s said that music is the way to the soul (don’t ask me who said that, it’s just out there), and The Northern Light understands the concept entirely. With their diverse experiences, “seasoned” musicians David Pollon (guitars and vocals), Carl Larsson (bass) and Kip Rondorf (drums) blend everything together in awe-inspiring melodies.

Following the well-received single ‘Waiting For The Flood’, Pollon, Larsson and Rodorf released their new song ‘As Stars Burn’. The first release in 2023, ‘As Stars Burn’ is a song long in the making. Pollon explains that ‘As Stars Burn’ “was the first song I wrote after the world shut down during the pandemic. Releasing it finally through an intense collective effort by the band…brings feelings to me of rebirth and a new start for so much in our lives.” Interestingly enough, just as the song has that concept of rebirth in its conception and execution, it also explores the theme of rebirth. Pollon further shares that ‘As Stars Burn’ “explores the intense feelings of a new relationship as we fall into the orbit of a new passion…”

Known for their melancholic indie-rock melodies, The Northern Lights have a reputation for despair and redemption – or at least that’s what people tend to take from their songs. Exploring these elements can seem depressingly poignant, but the lads seem to lift people from their despair with a hard-hitting tune. Unlike the full-throttle rock impact of ‘Waiting For The Flood’, ‘As Stars Burn’ is more subdued looking at the pain and vulnerability of being in love. Yet, while a stronger melancholy exists in ‘As Stars Burn’, the group retains a high-powered “rock-ness” in their awesome music. It’s all in the guitars and the way they interplay with the pounding drums bringing a gut-wrenching quality to the single.

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This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator